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Evil Granny: Horror Village
Evil Granny: Horror Village

Evil Granny: Horror Village

Evil Granny: Horror Village is a horror game that is likely inspired by the popular "Granny" horror game. In this game, players find themselves trapped inside a spooky house or village and must navigate through the environment to solve puzzles and escape while avoiding an evil Granny character.

The game typically focuses on creating a suspenseful and terrifying atmosphere as players explore the eerie surroundings. The Granny character will roam the area, attempting to catch the player. The player must be stealthy, avoid detection, and find ways to outsmart the Granny in order to progress and ultimately escape.

As a horror game, "Evil Granny: Horror Village" aims to provide a thrilling and intense experience, often utilizing jump scares, dark environments, and challenging gameplay elements. The specific details and mechanics of the game may vary depending on the version or specific implementation.

It's worth noting that "Evil Granny: Horror Village" is not an official game associated with the Granny series, but rather a fan-made or unofficial game that draws inspiration from similar horror concepts.

Evil Granny: Horror Village


Evil Granny: Horror Village is a horror game where players find themselves trapped inside a spooky house and must try to escape while avoiding the clutches of an evil Granny.

Here's a general overview of how to play the game:

Objective: The objective of "Evil Granny: Horror Village" is to explore the house, solve puzzles, collect items, and ultimately find a way to escape while avoiding the Granny.

Controls: The specific controls may vary depending on the platform and version of the game, but here are the general controls commonly used in horror games:

  • Movement: Use the virtual joystick or on-screen directional buttons to move the character around.
  • Interact: Tap on objects to interact with them. This includes opening doors, picking up items, or activating switches.
  • Crouch: Look for the crouch button on the screen to make your character crouch. This can be useful for hiding and avoiding detection.
  • Stand up: To stand up from a crouching position, tap the crouch button again.
  • Throw: If you have an item in your inventory that can be thrown, select it and aim by swiping on the screen, then release to throw it.
  • Zoom: Some objects may require a closer look. Double-tap the screen to zoom in and inspect certain items more carefully.
  • Inventory: Look for an inventory icon or button on the screen to access your collected items. Tap on items to select or use them.

How to Play:

  1. Explore: Begin by exploring the various rooms and areas of the house. Search for clues, hidden objects, and keys that can aid your escape.
  2. Solve Puzzles: Use the items you find to solve puzzles scattered throughout the house. These puzzles may involve finding codes, keys, or triggering certain events.
  3. Avoid Granny: The Granny character will move around the house and try to catch you. Be cautious and stealthy to avoid detection. Hide in closets, under beds, or in other suitable spots when Granny is nearby.
  4. Collect Items: Thoroughly search the house to collect useful items. Some items may be hidden or require solving puzzles to obtain.
  5. Escape: Locate the necessary tools, keys, or triggers that will allow you to unlock doors or disable obstacles blocking your path to escape.
  6. Be Resourceful: Make use of the items in your inventory to distract Granny, create diversions, or unlock new areas of the house.
  7. Stay Alert: Granny's movements are unpredictable, so always be vigilant and listen for any sound cues that might indicate her proximity.

Remember, "Evil Granny: Horror Village" is designed to create tension and suspense. Try to stay calm, think strategically, and use your resources wisely to outsmart the Granny and make your escape.

Please note that the specific gameplay and controls may differ depending on the version of the game you are playing. It's always a good idea to consult any provided in-game tutorials or guides for accurate instructions.

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