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Granny Horror Village
Granny Horror Village

Granny Horror Village

Granny Horror Village is likely a horror game that follows a similar concept to the original "Granny" game. Players are likely trapped in a spooky village or house and must find a way to escape while avoiding dangers and solving puzzles.

Granny Horror Village


Granny Horror Village is a popular horror game inspired by the original game called "Granny." In this game, players find themselves trapped inside a creepy house, and their goal is to escape while avoiding the clutches of an evil Granny.

Controls Guide:

  1. Movement: Use the virtual joystick or on-screen directional buttons to move the character around.
  2. Interact: Tap on objects to interact with them. For example, you can open doors, drawers, and pick up items by tapping on them.
  3. Crouch: Look for the crouch button on the screen to make your character crouch. This can be useful for hiding and avoiding Granny.
  4. Stand up: To stand up from a crouching position, tap the crouch button again.
  5. Throw: When you have an object in your inventory, tap the item's icon, aim with your finger, and release to throw it. This can be used to distract Granny and create opportunities to escape.
  6. Zoom: Some objects require a closer look. Double-tap the screen to zoom in and inspect certain items more carefully.
  7. Inventory: To access your inventory, look for the bag or backpack icon on the screen. Tap it to open your inventory and view the items you've collected.
  8. Item Usage: While in the inventory, tap an item to select it, then tap the "Use" button to apply it in the game. Some items can be combined to create new tools or solve puzzles.

How to Play:

  1. Explore the House: Start by exploring the rooms and different areas of the house. Look for hidden objects, keys, and clues that can help you escape.
  2. Solve Puzzles: Use your collected items to solve puzzles and unlock new areas of the house. Pay attention to details and think critically to find solutions.
  3. Avoid Granny: Be cautious and avoid making noise. Granny has a keen sense of hearing and will investigate any disturbances. Hide in wardrobes, under beds, or in other suitable spots to stay safe.
  4. Collect Objects: Search the house thoroughly to collect useful items. Some items may be hidden, so be sure to check drawers, cabinets, and other objects.
  5. Escape: Your ultimate goal is to find a way to escape from the house. Locate the necessary tools, keys, or triggers that will allow you to unlock doors or disable traps.
  6. Use Distractions: Granny can be distracted by throwing objects or activating certain mechanisms. Use this to your advantage to create opportunities for escape.

Remember, Granny moves around the house and can appear unexpectedly, so be careful and stay alert. Good luck with your escape!

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