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Mr. Noob Eat Burger
Mr. Noob Eat Burger

Mr. Noob Eat Burger

Mr. Noob Eat Burger is a game where players must navigate through a challenging environment to find and eat burgers while avoiding the watchful eye of Mr. Noob. The game offers a unique blend of strategy, stealth, and puzzle-solving as players work to outsmart Mr. Noob and satisfy their hunger.

Mr. Noob Eat Burger


Here's an overview of the game's features:

Game Objective:

  • The main goal of the game is to find and eat all the burgers scattered throughout the environment.
  • Players must carefully navigate the area, avoid Mr. Noob's detection, and strategize their moves to successfully collect the burgers.

Gameplay Elements:

  • Stealth and Strategy: Players need to use stealth and strategic thinking to outmaneuver Mr. Noob and reach the burgers without being caught.
  • Burger Detector: The game provides players with a burger detector, a tool that helps locate hidden burgers in the area.
  • Torch: Players are armed with a torch to illuminate their surroundings and aid in their search for burgers.
  • Puzzle-Solving: The game may include puzzles or challenges that players need to solve to progress and reach certain burgers.


  • The specific controls may vary depending on the platform or version of the game, but they typically involve movement, interaction, and using items.
  • Basic controls may include arrow keys for movement, a button to interact with objects, and another button to use the torch or burger detector.

How to Play:

  1. Navigate the Environment: Use the arrow keys or other movement controls to explore the game environment, which is filled with hiding spots and obstacles.
  2. Locate Burgers: Activate the burger detector to help you locate hidden burgers. Follow the detector's signals to find the burgers' locations.
  3. Avoid Mr. Noob: Be cautious of Mr. Noob's movements and patterns. Stay out of his line of sight to avoid getting caught.
  4. Use the Torch: If the environment is dark, use the torch to light up your path and see clearly.
  5. Collect Burgers: Once you've located a burger, approach it and interact to eat it.
  6. Escape: After collecting all the burgers, make your way to the exit or designated safe area to complete the level.

Challenges and Strategy:

  • Each level may introduce new challenges, obstacles, or additional mechanics to keep the gameplay engaging and challenging.
  • Players need to strategize their movements and timing to avoid Mr. Noob, collect burgers, and successfully complete the objectives.

In summary, "Mr. Noob Eat Burger" offers players a unique and entertaining experience where they must use stealth, strategy, and puzzle-solving skills to collect burgers while evading the watchful eye of Mr. Noob. The combination of burger detection, torch usage, and avoiding detection creates a dynamic and engaging gameplay loop that requires careful planning and quick thinking.

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