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Duty Call Modern Warfate 2
Duty Call Modern Warfate 2

Duty Call Modern Warfate 2

Duty Call Modern Warfate 2 is a first-person shooter (FPS) game set in a modern military environment. Players take on the role of a skilled commando from the Special Forces, tasked with defending their country from a powerful military influence. The player's mission is to orchestrate strategic assaults, utilizing a variety of military vehicles and heavy armament specialist weapons, in order to neutralize enemy tanks and helicopters.

Duty Call Modern Warfate 2


Here's a brief guide on how to play the game:


  1. Keyboard and Mouse: Most modern warfare games use keyboard and mouse controls.
  2. WASD Keys: Use these keys to move your character forward (W), backward (S), and strafe left (A) or right (D).
  3. Mouse Aim: Move your mouse to aim the camera and crosshair.
  4. Left Mouse Button: Fire your weapon or perform an action.
  5. Right Mouse Button: Zoom in with your weapon's sights or aim down the sights (ADS).
  6. Spacebar: Jump or vault over obstacles.
  7. Shift Key: Hold to sprint for a short period of time.
  8. Number Keys: Switch between different weapons or equipment.
  9. R Key: Reload your weapon.
  10. Ctrl Key: Crouch or go prone to take cover.
  11. G Key: Throw grenades or use equipment.

How to Play:

  1. Understand the Objective: You are a commando of Special Forces tasked with defending your country from enemy forces.
  2. Utilize Military Assets: Make use of military vehicles and heavy armament specialist weapons at your disposal. These may include tanks, helicopters, and advanced weaponry.
  3. Plan Your Attack: Strategize how to best use your resources to take down enemy tanks and helicopters. Consider the terrain, cover, and positioning.
  4. Lead from the Front: As the commando, take a leadership role in the battlefield. Lead your team, engage in combat, and make critical decisions.
  5. Execute the Assault: Once your strategy is in place, initiate the attack. Use your weapons and equipment to eliminate enemy forces.
  6. Defend Your Country: Prevent the enemy from advancing or taking control of your territory. Engage in intense firefights and defend key points.

Remember, the specifics of gameplay mechanics, objectives, and controls may vary based on the actual game you're playing. Make sure to read any in-game instructions or tutorials provided by the game to fully understand its mechanics and features. The immersive experience of a modern warfare game often involves a combination of strategy, teamwork, and skillful shooting.

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